6th Annual Bud Atchison Jr. Ringin' Ten

Butte Bowlers Dominate in the 6th Annual Bud Atchison Jr. Ringiní Ten Scratch Invitational.

Division B top-5 stepladder results:

Logan Dunlap a Butte High senior was crowned champion in the B Division Finals of the Jr. Ringiní Ten. Dunlap was seated 4th going into the top-5 stepladder. In the first match he defeated Ashleigh Preston of Butte with a 211 to her 191 game. Preston placed 5th and received a $100 scholarship. In the 2nd match Dunlap defeated Kayla Medina of Butte 188 to 170; Medina placed 4th and received a $175 scholarship. In the 3rd match Kyle West shot a 180 game to Dunlapís 220 placing him 3rd with a $250 scholarship. The Championship match was against the top seated Hillary Vukasin from Great Falls. Dunlap was victorious in this close match of 191 to Vukasinís 183 game. Vukasin received a 2nd place $375 scholarship and Logan Dunlap won the $500 champion scholarship.

Division A top-5 stepladder results:

Zac Wooten a Montana Tech student and a Whitefish native is no stranger to this tournament, in 2005 he was champion and last year he took fifth. He came back this year to reclaim his title by defeating Billings bowler, Chris Dunbar in the championship match. Strikes were abundant and it came down to spares, Wooten shot a 234 and Dunbar trailed with a 225. In the first match Theron Conger defeated Matt Sears both from Missoula 181 to 162. Sears received a 5th place $100 scholarship. Conger was then defeated by Chris Dunbar 162 to 205 which gave him the 4th place $175 scholarship. The 3rd match that brought Dunbar to the championship match was defeating Joleen Martinich of Great Falls with a 207 to her 146 game placing her 3rd with a $250 scholarship. Dunbar received the 2nd place $375 scholarship. Zac Wooten won the $500 champion scholarship.

Here are the results of Sundayís Top-16 Finals Match-play:

Division B

Hillary Vukasin, Gt.Falls 1489, Kyle West, Butte 1435, Kayla Medina, Butte 1348, Logan Dunlap, Butte 1333, Ashleigh Preston, Butte 1307, Tiffany Briggs, Butte 1282, Marynda Martinich, Gt.Falls 1266, Jeremy Reeve, Gt.Falls 1232, Frank Butori, Butte 1231, Ashlee Houchin, Butte 1200, Jordan Pederson, Missoula 1169, Eric Jory, Dillon 1145, Daniel Murphy, Helena 1131, Savannah Talbott, Butte 1112, Josie McElroy, Butte 1058, Caitlyn Murphy, Helena 1023.

Division A

Zac Wooten, Butte 1612, Joleen Martinich, Gt.Falls 1582, Chris Dunbar, Billings 1563, Matt Sears, Missoula 1557, Theron Conger, Missoula 1510, Jeff Lull, Gt.Falls 1506, Matt Weber, Missoula 1489, Chris Doyle, Butte 1423, Cody Porter, Missoula 1417, Tylor Doherty, Butte 1407, Austan Bosch, Butte 1397, Billy Lira, Butte 1359, Erin Murphy, Helena 1312, Jared White, Whitefish 1210, Ryan Sears, Missoula 1191, Andy Smigaj, Missoula 1095.