Todd Edelen rolls 300 game and 800 series this season

Todd Edelen had a great night of bowling Friday, February 20 while bowling in the Ball & Chain League. He put together games of 269, 279 and 267 for an 815 series. Bowling March 4 on the Rocky Mountain Credit Union team, he rolled a 300 game in the Continental League.

Nick Taylor bowls 300

Nick Taylor put 12 strikes together Monday, January 26, in the Sunset league. He started out his night with a 253, then the perfect game and finished with a 164 for a 717 series. He ot the honor score while bowling on the Tele-Tech team.

Burch gets his 300 game

Derek Burch rolled his perfect game after starting with a 236, then 300 and finished with a 185. He totalled a 721 series bowling on the Taco John's team in the Sunset league.

Nate Gelling bowls 300

Nate Gelling added another 300 game to his numbers Wednesday, November 26, 2014 in the Continental League. He started with a 239 game, then the 300 and ended his night with a 235 for a 774 total series. Nate bowls on the Butte Tin team.

Woodward starts his year with a 300 game

Star Lanes saw its first 300 game of the year Tuesday, September 2, during the first night of competition of the Straightaway league. Tony Woodward rolled the perfect game after starting with a 179 and a 280. He had a 759 3-game total and a 951 for his 4-game total.