Ryley Bosch scores big in Continental League

Ryley Bosch rolled his career best series Wednesday, February 26 topping the 800 mark by 14 pins. He started his night with his low game of 268, raised that to a 277 and went on to finish with a 269 to shoot the 814 series. Ryley was bowling in the Continental League on the Tele-tech team.

Gary Jacobs bowls his first 300 at Star Lanes

Gary Jacobs bowled his first-ever 300 game on Thursday, Jan. 30 at Star Lanes. Jacobs started his night with the perfect game, then rolled a 257 and finished with a 207 for a 764 series. He bowls in Star Lanes’ Copper League, on the Silver Dollar Saloon team.

Bill Keller rolls first 800 of the year at Star Lanes

Bill Keller bowled a 3-game series of 804 on December 11th at Star Lanes. He started the night with a 289 game followed by a 257, and finished with 258 for the set. Bill shot the score in the Continental league bowling for the Silver Bow Pizza team.

John Brodersen throws perfect game

John Brodersen added a perfect game to his numbers, Tuesday, October 15th in the Straightaway league at Star Lanes. For the 4 game league he started with a 227, 248, 213 and finished with the 300 game for a 988 series.

John Hall bowls seasons first 300 game

John Hall rolled the first perfect game of the year Friday, September 13 at Star Lanes. He started the night with a 211, the 300, and finished with 165 for a 676 series. He bowls for the Wilhelm Flowers team.

Dave Martinich rolls 300 game

The continental league saw its first 300 game of the year Wednesday, September 25 at Star Lanes. Dave Martinich connected 12 strikes in a row during his second game. He started with a 171, the 300 and finished with a 205 for a 676 series. He bowls on the Butte Tin Shop team.

Bob Shaw bowls his first sanctioned 300 game

October 1st, 2013 will be a memorable day for Bob Shaw who bowled his first 300 game during the Tuesday Doubles league at Star Lanes. The second game seems to be the ticket for the perfect games this year with Bob leading off with a 195, the 300 and ended the set with a 202 for a 697 series.