Jeanette Martinich Classic ends with
Martinich vs Martinich Final

The 30th annual Jeanette Martinich Classic was held March 3rd and 4th at Star Lanes.

The tournament saw 68 – 200 plus games with 30 of these games scoring 220 or better.

Brenda Shaffer was Saturday night’s qualifying leader posting games of 257, 227, 212, 245 and 222 averaging 232 for the evening. High games of 266 were shot by Kayla Medina and Amanda Mulcahy.

The other four top qualifying averages were:
Amanda Mulcahy-216
Kayla Medina-208
Shana Fortune-204
Kathy Davis-201
Debbie Martinich-201

While both Debbie Martinich (6th), daughter in law, and Joleen Martinich (10th), granddaughter of the late Jeanette Martinich were seeded in the top 12 Saturday night, it wasn’t until Sunday when they made their move.

The top 12 bowlers advanced to Sunday’s action, but only 5 advanced to the final round to battle for the title. 5th seeded Kira Gelling took on #4 Brenda Shaffer losing that match 171 to 237. Shaffer went on to challenge 3rd seeded Amanda Mulcahy winning that match 258 to 181. Shaffer moved on to take on #2 seed Debbie Martinich losing that match 184 to 202 which advanced Debbie to the final against her niece Joleen Martinich. The match began with each bowler striking in the first six frames, but it was Joleen who prevailed in the end winning the match 267 to 257.

Match Play Results from Sundays Finals Round before the Top-5 stepladder:

1. Joleen Martinich, 1470;
2. Debbie Martinich, 1360;
3. Amanda Mulcahy, 1348;
4. Brenda Shaffer, 1338;
5. Kira Gelling, 1309;
6. Shana Fortune, 1295;
7. Kim Reed, 1292;
8. Kayla Medina, 1256;
9. Denise Orizotti, 1214;
10. Kathy Davis, 1199;
11. Shannon Woodward, 1196;
12. Tammy O’Rourke, 1163.

Entire tournament scores and results for the two day event can be found at