10th Annual Bud Atchison Junior Ringin’ Ten Scratch Invitational

The Star Lanes’ Ringin’ 10 Scratch Classic is known around the Western United States for its entries of high average bowlers and tough lane conditions, which was no exception for the junior bowlers as they competed on similar tough lane conditions.

Local businesses and individuals sponsored the two day event with $2,000 in added scholarship funds. The tournament was comprised of 2 Scratch Divisions: Division A for averages of 155 and over and Division B for averages 154 and under. Three-game qualifiers were held on Saturday and the top-12 high series scores advanced to the finals on Sunday. The finals were 5 games of match play and a position round to determine the top-5 in each division. THE TOURNAMENT AWARDED A TOTAL OF $2,600 IN SCHOLARSHIPS. Since the inception of this tournament in 2002 there has been over $25,000 in scholarships awarded to the standouts in this prestigious tournament. The funds are held in the National SMART account until they graduate from high school.

Here are the results of the finals on Sunday:

DIVISION A (Averages 165 + )

In the first match of the stepladder Brien Martinich of Great Falls shot a 194 game to defeat Koby Doherty of Butte's 170 game. Doherty received a $100 scholarship for 5th place.

In the second match Helena’s Tanner Routzahn defeated Martinich 178 to 135. Martinich received a $150 scholarship for 4th place.

Routzahn went on to defeat 3rd seated Dayton Willoughby from Billings 174 to 167. Willoughby received a $200 scholarship.

In the championship match, Routzahn also knocked out number one seed, Daniel Murphy from Helena and was crowned champion with a close match of 202 to 199. Murphy received a $300 scholarship for second and Routzahn received the $500 Champion Scholarship.

DIV A Match Play results before the top-5 stepladder:
1. Daniel Murphy, Helena 1260, 2. Dayton Willoughby, Billings 1227, 3. Tanner Routzahn, Helena 1227, 4. Koby Doherty, Butte 1179, 5. Brien Martinich, Great Falls 1152, 6. Franky Butori, Butte 1124, 7. Caitlyn Murphy, Helena 1095, 8. Anthony Martin, Whitehall 1049, 9. Jeff Preston, Butte 1040, 10. Kyle Broughton, Great Falls 1039, 11. Michael Hessler, Anaconda 961 12. Travis Zuber, Butte 953.

DIVISION B (Averages 164 and under)

In the first match of the stepladder Sam Heckman of Bozeman defeated Butte’s Kasidy Wagner 161 to 129. Wagner received a $100 scholarship for 5th place.

Heckman was defeated by Preston Downard of Frenchtown 143 to 147 in the 2nd match. Heckman received a 4th place $150 scholarship.

Downard went on to defeat 3rd seated Kyle Klapan from Butte 167 to 141. Klapan received a $200 scholarship for 3rd place.

In the championship match, number one seed, Ali Coster of Great Falls was defeated by Downard 159 to 166. Coster received a $300 scholarship for second and Downard received the $500 Champion Scholarship.

DIV. B Match Play results before the top-5 stepladder:
1. Ali Coster, Great Falls 1148, 2. Kyle Klapan, Butte 1121, 3. Preston Downard, Frenchtown 1064, 4. Kasidy Wagner, Butte 1062, 5. Sam Heckman, Butte 989, 6. Kevin Keller, Butte 989, 7. Bridger Mooney, Butte 936, 8. Riley Vaughn, Butte 858, 9. Sarah McLaughlin, Butte 9851, 10. Tristan Shaffer, Butte 851, 11. Kara Criscuolo, Butte 838, 12. Shane Zuber, Butte 824.