Larry and Kathy Davis family Awarded State Bowling Honor

Butte, always recognized as one of the finest bowling towns in Montana, has garnered yet another award as the Larry and Kathy Davis family of the mining city will be recognized as the Bowling Family of the Year 2011 at the Montana State Bowling Association Jamboree in Billings on September 24th. This makes the third time a family from Butte has achieved this honor. The Martinich family received this award in 1998 and the Dixon family received it in 2004. Butte Bowling Association President, Walt Parrett, and long time bowling coach, Bud Atchison will be the presenters of the award.

The Davis family consisting of Larry, Kathy, son Mike, and daughter Sherrie together with her husband Kelly Sullivan and their children Lauren, and Quinn have achieved this award by virtue of their ability on the lanes and their dedicated service to the game as well.

Larry Davis has always been the driving force behind the achievements of his family. His own accomplishments include a high game of 289 and a high series of 704. He has always had an average in the 180’s. Larry was the Pacific League secretary at the King Pin Lanes for many years, and has been a tireless worker in every bowling endeavor the family has undertaken.

Kathy and Sherrie have been recognized as some of Butte’s best female bowlers for many years. Kathy’s career high game is 275 and her high series is 717, while Sherrie’s career high game is 270 and her high series is 709. Kathy has won the prestigious Jeanette Martinich Scratch Tournament for women 2 times, and Sherrie has finished 2nd in this tournament 3 times. In the annual city tournament, Sherrie has won the singles event, and Kathy and Sherrie are past champions in the doubles event, as well as having been members of the 1st place team. One of the teams they participated in finished 9th in the Women’s National Tournament in Reno, Nevada.

Kathy’s service to the game has been exceptional as well. She was elected to the Butte Women’s Bowling Hall of Fame in the category of Superior Performance. She was the manager of the 2011 USBC Montana Youth Tournament and helped manage the 2008 Women’s State Tournament. For the past 20 years Kathy and Sherrie have run their own tournament titled the Young and Youngest Tournament in which a bowler 45 years and older team up with a bowler who is 44 years and under. Kathy was also a major force in the local traveling league for women in the Butte area. Kathy and Sherrie have been board members of the local bowling association for many years.

Mike Davis, who now resides in Boise Idaho, has had a stellar career himself. He has rolled 5 perfect 300 games and his high series is 824. He once bowled an 822 series with games of 300 – 222 – 300. His high average is 221. After an exceptional junior bowling career which saw him win both local and state scholarships, he bowled at West Texas State for two years. After college and while residing in Missoula, Mike’s career flourished as he won a state team title, as well as state singles and scratch singles.

Sherrie’s husband, Kelly Sullivan, has also bowled his own perfect 300 game, and has had a high series of 736. In 2010 he won the city tournament doubles event.

Kelly and Sherrie’s children Lauren and Quinn are the new generation of the Davis’s bowing family. These grade school kids have participated at both bowling alleys since they were able to roll a ball, and it shows. Lauren currently has a high game of 170 and a high series of 489. Quinn’s high game is 217 and high series of 550. They are great helpers at the tournaments their family runs. They also participate in the local punt, pass, and kick competition.